My name is Jessica Brook Martinez. I’m a science fiction author, non-profit writer, cancer survivor, fibromyalgia survivor and Muslim convert. I’ve traditionally published seventeen short works of fiction, one work of poetry, and I’ve won two Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future awards. I have written for non profits, heavy metal magazines, and I have worked as an editor for a variety of published works. Check it out below. 

(I’m recently married. So that’s why I’ve decided to use a slightly different name publishing in some of my more recent stuff.)



Writers of the Future Contest Honorable Mention

Editing Experience:

Publisher I’ve Worked For: 

Traditionally Published Fiction:

Published Poetry

Published Non-Fiction:

  • “Homosexuality in Pre-Christian Africa” (Gay Life Newsletter)

Heavy Metal Websites I’ve Written For: 

Charity Website I’ve Built and Written For: 

Self Published Fiction:

Below is just some content I posted for fun on this website.