Help Support Sci-Fi Micro Fiction!

Getting traditionally published is an uphill battle which is getting harder and harder each year. Several factors have made the game harder for authors, including increased competition from self-publishers, less people reading, and increased financial risks for mainstream publishers.

Thus as writers, it’s important for us on a grass roots level to support publishers who are helping to promote new authors and diverse forms of fiction.

Martian Magazine is doing what they can to publish quality sci-fi microfiction. They share great works from both new and experienced authors from around the world.

Micro-fiction (fiction of 100 words or less) doesn’t get much attention in the world of fiction, let alone sci-fi micro-fiction. It needs more support. Martian Magazine may not survive if they don’t get the funding they need.

More funding equals more micro-fiction, and more publishing opportunities for authors such as yourselves.

Check out their Kickstarter Here!

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