Bob and Beastman’s Honeymoon – A Flash Fiction Story in Second Person Present


(Art from SilviaP_DesignWikiImagesBernell, and Hypnoart —visual artists on Pixabay.)

“Tagging along on the honeymoon of your two best friends makes you feel a little like the squeaky extra wheel on your nephew’s tricycle. Your two best friends in the whole world are a sentient monkey named Bob and a beastman cleverly named Beastman.”

This is my experiment with writing a story in second person, present tense. It was pretty fun. It’s also pretty short. Less than 1,500 words. You could probably read it in the time that it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

If you’ve ever wanted to read about the adventures of a sentient monkey named Bob and a Beastman, check it out:

Bob and Beastman’s Honeymoon (Space Squid)

Downloading Brunch – Future Problems of 3D Printers, Flash Fiction, Humor


(Image Artist:RyanMcGuire is a Pixabay user and shutterbug from Ithaca, New York.)

What happens in the future when more people start using 3D printers and need tech support? Especially when people start using their printers to make food? Will you have people downloading brunch from malicious websites? Will the bacon in your BLT turn to tentacles?

In a short story of less than 1,500 words, you can check it out here: Space Squid – Downloading Brunch