“Unplugged” – Microfiction About Phone Addiction

“Unplugged” by Jessica Brook Martinez

I am going camping so I can get—hold on, I just got a text. Okay. It wasn’t important. What was I saying?

Oh yeah. I want to be—wait. Another notification.

Hah! That’s a cute dog video. Have you seen this one? Let me show you.  

Crap. Now there’s an ad. It’s for a new sleeping bag. Wow! That’s right. I do need that.

My phone really knows me better than I know myself. It’s kinda creepy.  

That’s why I need to get unplugged. I just need to take some time to be in nature. No screens. No notifications. Just me, the trees, the autumn air, and the crackle of the campfire. It’ll be nice to finally be alone with my own thoughts.   But first, I need to buy a new sleeping bag. Oh look. Here’s an email with a special offer. 

(Image from Microsoft Word clip art)

“Five Star Bathroom” – Microfiction, Humor, Travel

Original Image Made on Playground AI

“Mama snores like a chainsaw battling rocks. My sister and I retreat to the five-star hotel’s bathroom and close the door. I lay on a pile of blankets under the sink. My sister is by the tub. The snoring is now so faint it’s a lullaby.”

This microfiction of mine was published by Cuento Magazine. They publish prose and poetry under 280 characters on their twitter page.

What I wrote is based off a true story which took place about 12 years ago.

Downloading Brunch – Future Problems of 3D Printers, Flash Fiction, Humor


(Image Artist:RyanMcGuire is a Pixabay user and shutterbug from Ithaca, New York.)

What happens in the future when more people start using 3D printers and need tech support? Especially when people start using their printers to make food? Will you have people downloading brunch from malicious websites? Will the bacon in your BLT turn to tentacles?

In a short story of less than 1,500 words, you can check it out here: Space Squid – Downloading Brunch