Plot Holes in Season 3 of The Mandalorian Explained by ScreenCrush [Spoilers]

Some of you may have noticed several plot holes in the most recent season of The Mandalorian.

ScreenCrush on YouTube does a great job of explaining possible answers to these plot holes. For the video, watch here. There’s also the bonus of seeing a cute dog.

I wrote down some of what was said below for those who don’t feel like watching a video.

SPOILER ALERT! If you do not want to see spoilers. Leave this page now.

  • Plot Hole #1: How did Grogu catch up and rescue Din Djarin in the final episode of the season?
  • Answer: It’s possible that Grogu fled to safety with the other Mandalorians, but then turned around and went looking for Din. And how did he find him? It has been established in Star Wars that one can use the force to find people, especially if they have a strong connection. Princess Leia used the force to find Luke at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. So it’s possible that Grogu used the force to find Din Djarin.

  • Plot Hole #2: How did a piece of glass prevent Grogu from using the force to save Din when he was captured? When Din was captured, we see Grogu behind glass trying to save him but unable to do so.
  • Answer: One theory is that it might be more difficult to connect to the force through objects. Another point connected to this one, is the following: How come a piece of glass blocks Grogu’s connection to the force, but he is powerful enough to use the force to protect himself, along with Din Djarin and Bo-Katan from a powerful, fiery explosion? A possible answer to this is that Grogu did spend time with Luke learning how to use the force. But it seems like Grogu mainly knows how to use the force for defensive, rather than offensive capabilities. In the battle scenes we see Grogu using the force to knock sabers out of the way, rather than using them for harm. That may be how Luke taught him.

  • Plot Hole #3: Why was Moff Gideon so ridiculously strong in the final battle scene? He was even able to crush the dark saber, the hilt of which is made out of high quality beskar armor.
  • Answer: One potential answer is that Moff Gideon’s armor is also made out of beskar. And not only is it beskar, but if you listen to him walking, the suit itself sounds robotic, as if he is wearing the equivalent of an Iron Man suit made out of beskar. The suit probably augments Moff Gideon’s strength.

  • Plot Hole #4: How did Axe Woves have enough fuel in his jet pack to blast into space, when a crux of a previous episode (The Foundling) is that the Mandalorians couldn’t pursue the child stolen by the pterodactyl-like-alien-thing because they ran out of jet fuel?
  • Answer: We don’t know how long the Mandalorians were actually pursuing the pterodactyl-like-alien-thing before they ran out of fuel. They could have been pursuing this creature for hundreds of miles before they ran out. Granted, the lowest satellites in orbit above the Earth are 160 km above the surface. However, when we see Axe Woves on the bridge of the ship, we can also see the planet’s atmosphere. So it’s likely that the ship is at the distance of an airplane, which is about 6 miles above the surface. It’s conceivable that Axe Woves would have enough jet fuel for 6 miles.

  • Plot Hole #5: It’s been established that Mandalorian second names are surnames, like Kryze, Fett, and Vizla. So why is Grogu named Din Grogu and not Grogu Djarin?
  • Answer: On one hand, it could be a silly mistake made by the writers. But on the other hand, Din Djarin is possibly not a native Mandalorian name. Din is from a planet called Aq Vetina. It is possible that when Death Watch took him in, he kept his original name, and his people may have a different naming convention.

For more season 3 plot holes and answers, check out Screen Crush’s video.

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