Is Vecna From Stranger Things Gay?

Vecna above having a hot ghoul summer.

For those of you watching Stranger Things Season 4, you’ll recognize Vecna above as the lich lord esque villain living in the Upside Down who causes his victims to go into a trance.










As the show progressed through Vecna’s background story, we discovered that he was actually One (or Henry), the original child involved in the clandestine experimental program for psychic children that Eleven was also part of as well.

As Henry is describing his childhood to Eleven, he told her that his parents saw him as “Broken,” and they kept trying to change and control him and couldn’t accept him for who he really was.

After murdering his family, Henry was sent away to a place that was specifically designed to experiment upon young kids and force them to suppress their instincts and conform to strict rules.

Vecna talks much about the oppressive norms of society, norms that try to bend people into something they are not.

Also, just in terms of the way that the actor Jamie Campbell Bower portrayed Henry, it seemed to me that there were subtle hints that he was gay. But maybe I am reading too much into his role?

However, I’m not the only one who thinks this.

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