Avatar The Way of Fire (Fan Art)

Above is a fan art concept I generated for Varang, the female leader of the Volcanic Na’vi clan of ash people.

After seeing Avatar The Way of Water in 2022, I wondered what other kind of Na’vi lived on the moon Pandora. And my next thought was Fire Na’vi, Desert Na’vi and a Subterranean Na’vi who live in a fungal biome. Above you can see a gallery of fan art based on the fire concept.

I produced the art with Lexica, an AI art generator. See more fan art for Volcanic Na’vi here.

Apparently two of my three Na’vi predictions were correct. According to the Avatar Wiki, there are plans in the works for the third movie to focus on the element of fire. The Na’vi in this movie are supposed to be “ash people,” or an aggressive volcanic clan led by a female Na’vi known as Varang. And unlike the first two movies where the Na’vi are portrayed in a positive light, Avatar 3 will show the opposite.

There are also plans for an additional culture known as the Windtraders who come from the desert and trade items.

See Avatar 3 Wiki for more information.